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Aircon: The Common Types of AC Units

Aircon: The Common Types of AC UnitsAircons have become a home and commercial establishment appliance necessity over the years ever since it came to the spotlight. And it has drastically changed how we live, as it creates a more comfortable and stress relieving indoor environment that the older generation never got the chance to experience.

Just imagine working in an office or studying in a classroom with just an electric fan working overtime to stave off the heat. Too stressful, annoying, uncomfortable, and unconducive for learning and working right? I mean, how can you even concentrate on what you're doing and be productive if beads of sweat are dripping all over your body. This is why people nowadays are more than willing to spend thousands of cash on electric bills so that they can enjoy the calm environment that air conditioning appliances create.

And if you are someone who’s on the hunt for the perfect aircon appliance, then you better have a good grasp of the various types of AC units available in the market today. Choosing starts with knowing, after all, so let's dive in, shall we?

1. Window AC Unit

Window AC UnitAlso known as window rattlers, this AC unit is one of the most commonly used types for the past decade. And you can still probably see some homes or establishments that have these sticking out of their windows. Window AC units were so crazed back then that almost all of the apartments, hotels, condo units, and offices that were built during its heyday had this installed.

It's relatively small, box-shaped, and can easily fit on your window; hence the name. Although it’s capable of creating a cool breeze, these units can make quite a racket with its noisy rotors. But surprisingly, a lot of people still opt for this unit rather than the newer split type models as its cheaper to replace the latter than maintain the other.

2. Portable AC Unit

Portable AC UnitWhen you think that the invention of air conditioners was already impressive, wait till you find out that some created units that can even be portable. Perfect if you don't want a cooling appliance that's fixed in a single room, portable AC units can easily be moved from one place to another. There are several different variations, such as split mobile AC units, water-filled mobile units, and those that have wheels on.

This freestanding unit has all its necessary parts typically and only needs an outlet for the cord to power up. However, there are portable ACs that come in a pair of refrigerant pipes and electrical lines which must be connected to function. And although you can practically be lugged and bring them everywhere, this type of air conditioner can be quite noisy and are only capable of cooling small spaces.

3. Wall Mounted AC Unit

Mounted AC UnitKnown to be one of the public's favorite, wall-mounted AC units have various sizes and capacities that you can choose from depending on your room size and your needs. The most common of which is the box types and the rectangular ones. And as the names suggest, these AC units are retrofitted into the walls of your homes, establishments and offices.

Most house and building builders would need the final decision of the type of air conditioner appliance to be used in the infrastructure they are building. That's because using wall-mounted ACs means creating a space in the wall beforehand, like a crevice where the size must fit the unit like a glove. Cooling capacity wise, this type can pretty much keep large or small spaces cold throughout. However, they must be installed by AC engineers alone for safety purposes. So that means say goodbye to DIY installation if you choose this unit.

4. Floor Mounted AC unit.

Floor Mounted AC unitYou have probably seen these a couple of times already, as floor-mounted AC units, especially the column types, are typically used in fast-food restaurants, libraries, and lecture halls. Column floor mounted units are towering in height and are categorized as high-capacity ACs. This means they are capable of cooling large spaces like restaurants and cafes on its, thanks to its strong airflow, which are often dangerous to people if at max.

Meanwhile, the smaller cabinet floor mounted units often resemble that of a storage heater which is box type but slimmer. Due to their relatively smaller size, these units are capable of generating about only a third of the column BTU capacity. However, both floors mounted types require a lot of cabling and pipeline work as they don't come with quick connection pipes, unlike other types of ACs.

5. Ductless Mini-Split AC Unit

Ductless Mini Split AC UnitConsidered as the future of energy-saving air conditioner evolution, ductless mini-split units are the top of the line when it comes to efficiency. It comes in a set, which includes a central outdoor unit where the compressor and condenser are located and one or several indoor units. These are then connected with tubings that run throughout your home where the smaller units are placed. This way, you can quickly provide a relaxed environment without the need of buying several separate AC units.

The more advanced versions nowadays are equipped with WiFi connectivity wherein you can use your phone to control the entire system. The only downside is it is incapable of cooling larger homes or offices due to its somewhat limited capacity. Plus you’ll have several pipes and lines visible which can be a visual buster and may even sometimes look a bit messy.

6. Central AC Unit

Central AC unitThe complete opposite of the ductless mini-split type, the central air conditioner units use ducts installed in various areas or rooms throughout the building or home. These ducts serve as cold air outlets which are then connected to a central unit located outdoors where the compressor and condenser are located.

But what separates this from the other units is its immense capacity to cool big separate spaces all at the same time. Hence, it is more commonly used in factories and food processing plants. It lowers the relative humidity and temperature at a much faster rate compared to others. However, the big downside is its ability to eat away your money as it requires vast amounts of electricity to function. Plus, maintenance can be quite a headache, especially if one of the ducts is busted.

Choosing the perfect cooling appliance may be quite a challenge, but it's best to have a thorough research about each unit first. And it will be a lot easier if you already have a good picture of your house or establishment's layout, the space of each room, as well as the number of people who will be staying in that space. Furthermore, air conditioning appliances can be quite expensive not only the unit itself but also the electricity bill it gives you at the end of the month. So you better take budget into account as well as air conditioner repair maintenance. But after you have gone through all that, then you are all set in choosing and purchasing your number best friend during the summer.

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