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Discover the 6 Basic Types of Refrigerators

Discover the 6 Basic Types of Refrigerators With the constant innovation thanks to technological advancements and out of this world ideas, our food's shelf-life extending appliance has come a long way from its forefather versions. And nowadays, there are so many different kinds to choose from in the market with varying sizes, shapes, colors, usage, and features. The sheer number of refrigerators available in the appliance store is so many that buyers, especially the first-timers, often find it an overwhelming task to choose which is the best for their needs.

However, besides focusing simply on your purchasing capability, a smart buyer should have a good idea of what he/she wants in a refrigerator and what it can give in return. And since some people buy an appliance like the fridge is akin to entering into a long-term commitment, we've compiled the six basic types of refrigerators to give you a peek into the bigger picture on how each appliance differs from the other.


SIDE BY SIDE REFRIGERATORA double door style, which honestly resembles that of those old school wardrobe cabinets way back, the side-by-side refrigerator is more of an easy access kind of fridge. Compared to the usual horizontal splitting of compartments, this refrigerator is vertically split, wherein one side gives you the freezer while on the other is your traditional fridge compartment. Although both chambers have unequal width, some provide an equal amount of space for both sides.

But since this is a more slender sized refrigerator appliance, expect that you would not be able to fit larger or wider items, especially on the traditional compartment side. Its narrower space also limits the amount of fresh or pre-cooked food you can store inside. Plus, it's one of the more high-end expensive types of the fridge.

What separates the side-by-side refrigerator types from the rest is that it provides you a much larger freezer storage space. So if you're planning to stock a lot of frozen products such as processed meat and desserts, this is the best cooling appliance for you. It's also perfect for small spaced kitchens thanks to its slimmer doors.


FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATORIf the side-by-side type and the bottom freezer refrigerator had a love child, then it’s got to be the French door refrigerator. The upper half is a double door, two fresh food compartments that are split vertically. Meanwhile, the bottom half is one big freezer that goes all the way to the base of the fridge. But there are also versions where you can get a double drawer freezer compartment below instead.

This innovative refrigerator appliance first came out during the 1990's but became popular nowadays after going through a series of touch-ups and upgraded features. Its sleek and aesthetically pleasing design is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Furthermore, unlike the side-by-side refrigerators, the French door types are spacious enough for your fresh goods and your frozen food to make a favorite for large households. Sadly, the major downside for these types of refrigerator appliances is its super expensive price tag and not easy freezer access for pregnant women and older people.


Considered the most popular in the market, the top freezer refrigerator is the cheapest and most common among all types of refrigerators out there. You can practically find it in most households worldwide, and it's the one that I grew up loving. This classic favorite also carries that original two-compartment design that is horizontally divided with the freezer on the top half and the fresh food space on the bottom. It also comes with a slide-in compartment within the main body dedicated to fresh vegetables and fruits.

Typically the go-to refrigerator, especially by college students, single young professionals, newlyweds, and large families, thanks to its budget-friendly price and spacious compartments. Furthermore, its simple yet stylish design is the perfect fit for any kitchen. However, the big letdown is that it is quite bulky and eats a large portion of your kitchen space so that you can fully swing that huge door open.


BOTTOM FREEZER REFRIGERATOR The complete opposite of the top freezers, the bottom freezer refrigerators, came out later in the market but also has become a popular option among consumers nowadays. As the name suggests, it typically has the same design as the classic ones except that the freezer compartment is located at the bottom part of the refrigerator appliance. But what separates it from the top freezers is the freezer feature, which opens either via a door or slides out just like a dish rack drawer.

Price-wise, it's also one of the most affordable ones, often coming second to the top freezer refrigerators. The fresh food compartment is also a lot easier to access than the usual bending down movement when reaching for your food. However, this feature is a bit of a con, especially for kids, as it is often too high for them to reach. But then again, who cares if you can easily grab an ice cream or a pop from the bottom freezer, right?


COMPACT REFRIGERATOR Also known as the classic refrigerator, the compact refrigerators resemble the first-generation box-type versions having only one single door and compartment. However, unlike the older ones, some newer versions have built-in freezers already installed inside. This additional feature allows a compact refrigerator to work in two ways, either for fresh food or frozen foods.

Also, a cheaper type, mostly because of its smaller size, compact refrigerators, is commonly found in hotels or studio-type apartments. These mini refrigerators have become a popular option, especially for small-spaced accommodations and even offices, thanks to their space-saving size. Sadly, the limitations in space only allow a few items for storage.


BUILT IN REFRIGERATORS Last on our list is one of the newer and quite innovative refrigerator designs in the market. The built-in refrigerators are considered the perfect space-saving fridge and often resemble a standard kitchen drawer. It comes in varying sizes and features depending on what you want decoratively, aesthetically, and functionally for your kitchen. But since they are custom-made and require a more sophisticated installment process, built-in refrigerators are very expensive and can put a hole in your pocket. That and the fact that it is a lot harder to maintain or fix if ever problems arise often make this type a not so good choice. Despite that, many kitchen restaurants and even high-class mansions opt for this nowadays as they consider it a better investment, especially if they are designing their kitchen from scratch.

Now that we have shown you the basic pros and cons and features of these major types of refrigerator, it is up to your buyers to think about which one fits best for your needs. And although no matter which one you choose, it will put a serious dent in your pocket. But as well say, refrigerators are that one appliance that you'll never regret investing in in the long run. After all, it not only keeps your food cold and fresh, but it also effectively extends its shelf-life for as long as it can.

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