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Easy Repair Methods for Common Refrigerator Problems

Easy Repair Methods for Common Refrigerator Problems

If there is one thing that makes the kitchen one of the most attractive places to stay at, it would be due to the presence of none other than the refrigerator. This must-have home appliance is like a treasure trove that contains all of your prized food and drinks, keeping them cold, fresh, and edible for as long as it can. And besides your bed and television, the refrigerator has become one of your go-to things at home when you need some pick-me-up after a long stressful day.

Refrigerators are so valuable that even a slight mishap sends our moms to frenzy and panic. I remember my mom frantically dialing the repairman's number and begging him to come immediately and fix our fridge or else all of our food would go to waste. And refrigerator repairs don't come cheap, especially if the damage begs for a replacement part. However, as challenging as it may seem, you can still try to fix your refrigerator first before calling SOS. And here are some DIY refrigerator techniques you can do if you encounter one of these common fridge headaches.

Water Leakage

A little bit of water does sometimes escape from your refrigerator from time to time; however, it is a different story if it's already creating puddles of water on the floor. Two problems often cause excessive water leakage; a broken water supply line or the drainage for your defroster has been blocked off.

Excessive Ice Build-up

One of my favorite compartments in a refrigerator is the freezer, just because it’s that one place that keeps your frozen meat and desserts in excellent condition. However, it is a different story if the inside and even the outer rims start turning into Antarctica. You see, one of the most prevalent problems that require a refrigerator repair is excessive ice build-up in the freezer which takes forever to thaw out. And there are several reasons why this happens.

“Snoring” or Rattling Refrigerator

Oh, how we love quiet purring machinery in an appliance because that shows that everything is running smoothly and all its components are in top shape. However, if you start hearing some rumbling and rattling noise whenever your refrigerator turns on, then that only means trouble. The not so pleasant noise is often due to loose parts such as the condenser fan, the compressor tubes, defrost timer, or the drain pan.

If it's just the condenser fan, then a little cleaning and dusting are all that it needs using a soft-bristled brush. Meanwhile, if it's the draining pan, then nudge your fridge and turn it around to expose the drain pan. Remove its contents, slide back in place, and screw it tight. But if the trouble lies with either the compressor or defrost timer, then the only way to repair it to replace these parts.

Constantly Running Refrigerator

Although your refrigerator is always plugged in, this cooling appliance, like the air-con, has a built-in control timer that turns it on and off from time to time to save electricity and minimize ice build-up. That's because a continually running refrigerator can take quite a big chunk in your electricity expenses if not fixed as soon as possible. And this usually happens if you leave the door hanging open, allowing warm air to get inside. Furthermore, a fridge filled to the brim will always run more than usual to make sure that it cools down all of the food stored inside. But here are the most common component culprits of a continually running refrigerator:

Fixing your appliance on your own may seem like a daunting and problematic task. Refrigerator designs nowadays are far more advanced with complex machinery and components. However, there are some refrigerator repairs which you can smoothly perform on your own with a little help online. Only, be sure to assess and locate the damaged or faulty parts first before going ahead with your DIY refrigerator repair. In the instance that you're way out of your game with your appliance's problem, then it's the time to call for professional help.

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